my path to "Rawkin the Raw"

Raw food, raw emotion, raw truth!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


yep, m.i.a.
i was doing some research because i was still feeling like crap even on a vegan/raw vegan diet. i came across "celiac disease"! you can't be diagnosed without some testing but i thought i'd just put myself on the diet to see what happened.
wallah! i immediately felt better! so the past couple weeks have been an experiment in that. i was eating some dairy and meat and was feeling great. finally 2 weeks later i am feeling abit heavy and am fine tuning to keep the no gluten, no sugar, no alcohol BUT head back toward vegan.
I WILL FIND the balance. =-)
i am sooooo onto something though with the no gluten. my pain levels are WAYYY down, i have WAYYY more energy, depression lifted, a lot more mental clarity and my stomach has not hurt once in 2 weeks!
it amazes me that i have avoided certain foods all of my life because i thought they were making me sick when in reality it wasn't them but the "gluten" that i was eating with them!