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Monday, November 1, 2010

a wake up call!

well, obviously i have my struggles and ups and downs with my diet and health.
my last entry, i was obviously OFF the vegan/raw wagon. i was feeling OKAY, cuz i was staying away from gluten however i was still struggling with depression, aches and pains, headaches, my vision seemed to be getting worse etc. but hey! you can get OTC meds for all that, right!?!?!
anyhoo, the last 2 months i noticed i just seemd to be getting worse and worse and to add to it i felt like i was going abit crazy. the doctor put me on anti depressants, pain pills and xanax. cool! they didn't seem to be helping. gradually i got worse and worse and was blacking out, sobbing all the time, i felt like i was having an emotional breakdown again. i was very scared. all rolled into that i noticed i was having signs of being pregnant. about the time i noticed i started feeling EXTREMELY SICK! t seems i was miscarrying. so i had another week of dealing with that. it was AWFUL! as i layed there i had a lot of time to reflect on how and why this may have happened and how i may have prevented it. i knew i NEVER wanted to expereince this again! NEVER! and i never wanted to feel the guilt of my body aborting a life possibly because i hadn't taken care of myself like i know i can.
i felt something change inside of me!
during the miscarriage, i was having high blood pressure, odd pains, panic attacks...which really scared me. my body was REALLY reacting badly to this miscarriage. i immediately started a detox and taking golden seal. no caffeine, no sugar, only absolutely neccesary meds, and i started juicing.
for 3 days now i have been doing that and today i feel better than i have felt in many months maybe years. my vision is better, no headache, no achey joints, i can breath easier.....
here is what i am doing:
golden seal every few hours
juicing a bag of carrots, a head of kale, an apple, and a lemon
drinking green tea with lemon
blending rice milk with blueberries, pomegranate and raspberries
and thats about it.
this morning i passed a liver or gallstone, not sure which.
at any rate, i am feeling better, clearer and more myself than i have in 10 years!
i WANT babies and never want to expereince a miscarriage again. that there is enough to motivate me to continue being healthy whether that means vegan or raw vegan and or juicing and or doing regular detox's.


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