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Saturday, February 6, 2010


i always known i have candida. my grandma, mom and dad have issues with it too. i even have a theory that my "fibromyalgia" is AKA candida or candida of the muscles.
anyway, it has ebbed and flowed throughout my life. when i have gone VEGAN, within the first few weeks i always get an awful cold.
this time around, going RAW VEGAN, i was fine! i felt better, immediately! BUT, when i have added a few cooked items here and there...guess what?
i feel, weak, get headaches, get fatigued, break out...and NOW....a bladder infection.
i am convinced it is the candida. i feel i should be completely raw for a few weeks to get this straightened out.
i just found an interesting article...
makes a lot of sense.
here is another...
anyway, have a RAWKIN RAW day.
i'm gonna go have some golden seal and astragalus!


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