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Thursday, January 28, 2010


i have been meditating ALMOST every night. i'm sure we all have different ways of doing this but for myself it is a very relaxing, rejuvenating and peaceful journey...each time!
i am very intune to myself and others.
this is how i meditate...
i can feel energy in my body. it comes in many different forms, chills, tingles, warmth, flowing, energizing, painful, dull, dark.....
sometimes it is is one location, sometimes it is moving or i can intentionally move it.
along with the feelings of energy come pictures and the pictures tell me what i need to do. the pictures reveal to me the emotion behind the energy. i find myself talking to the energy at that point. i tell it to keep flowing and direct it to move through out my body or i tell it to get out! i will address WHY it is there and them move it out of body through guided imagery. when i do this i literally feel it leaving my body and my outer muscles will shudder as it leaves.
i have also been able to go to areas of pain in my body and move the energy around it or through it or out of it and actually release pain in the process. i have actually felt muscles release while doing this.
i do this right before bed and it always helps me sleep peaceably.


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